Top Fashion Trends To Avoid In 2019

if you want to stay ahead of the curve and avoid those costly fashion mistakes then here are the top 10 trends to avoid in 2019 hi I’m Leone and welcome back to my channel now I know these types of videos can be extremely polarizing because what fits and works for someone in terms of fashion may not work for someone else and fashion after all is a very individual thing but I’ve picked out these particular fashion trends to avoid for the following reasons firstly because they are quite tricky trends for most of us to navigate now I’m not saying all of us .

but most of us will find these trends quite tricky to incorporate into our everyday wardrobes now secondly these pieces are generally here for a good time and not a long time so you’ll buy them they’ll sit in your wardrobe you won’t get as much wear as you would like to out of them and then they will disappear as quickly as they arrived now if you love any of these trends that I mentioned there next great news please wear them and enjoy them but I did want to highlight a number of trends that I think are not worth investing in

1- in 2019 first up I can’t help but mention

 bike shorts now thankfully bike shorts I think have had their moment in the spotlight and they’re really sort of on their way out anyway so if you’re a late adopter to fashion trends don’t bother jumping on the bike short bandwagon   the next trend to avoid is neon now we all know that neon is not for the faint-hearted and for that reason it is a very difficult trend to incorporate into your wardrobe and it is quite a hard trend to wear I also think the problem with neon pieces is that they make such a vibrant statement whenever you wear them that it’s really obvious if you’re recycling a piece and wearing it often so for that reason you don’t tend to wear those pieces often so therefore you don’t get the bang for your buck when you’re buying something in Neill and so for that reason I think you should avoid this trend at all cost   tie-dye is another big trend that I’ve seen a lot of and I’m going to be really controversial here and say it looks great on younger girls especially if they’re on the runway tie-dye can look amazing but I think this trend is very very difficult to make look polished and cool and chic on a day to day basis now don’t get me wrong I love a gorgeous slip dress I think they work incredibly well in any wardrobe but what I did see a lot during the spring runway shows were a lot of lingerie inspired dresses and I think that this is a really tricky trend to navigate in real life I think the only way to really successfully wear this look is to give it a bit of a harder edge and team it with some some distressed denim or biker boots it just definitely needs that that hi-low mix and it just needs to be toughened up so it looks more Street appropriate and less bedroom   the other trend to avoid is anything plastic and see-through they may look futuristic and very cool but they quickly become a sweaty slippery mess now I must admit I love the look of this trend but it is just so impractical that I think it’s worth avoiding teeny-tiny shades may look supercool but it’s a trend that I promise you is not here to stay for long besides they don’t offer any real sun protection so I think you should avoid this one at all cost too   crochet is back and it’s bigger than ever for 2019 but some of the designers have taken this trend a little too far and the pieces are looking more fishing-net than cool fashion don’t write off crochet altogether but I think there are some pieces that are just embellished and there’s just it’s just too much going on it’s not practical and once again it’s just not a trend that’s here to stay so don’t go there   yellow is a

 2-big color and a big trend for 2019

 so you can expect to see lots and lots of yellow in the stores now I’m not saying to avoid this trend altogether I’m just saying to proceed with caution a little bit like the traffic light just proceed with caution because it is a difficult shade for for most of us to actually wear and wear well and please let me know in the comments below do you guys wear yellow do you enjoy yellow have you ever done what I’ve done and bought yellow pieces only to put them on and never wear them because they just haven’t felt great on I would love to hear your experience of wearing yellow in the comments below okay I blame Michael Kors for bringing back the wet suiting fabric but there has been more and more of that filtering through so I think it’s a very cool look and again it’s one of those looks that works really well on the runway but it’s difficult to translate to everyday life and it also it’s quite a bulky fabric so you have to be really careful with the type of pieces that you buy in wet suiting fabric so it’s very much a kind of a editorial fashion trend as opposed to an everyday trend so be aware that this is a tricky trend to wear so I would suggest avoiding it   it seems like so many fashion designers were freeing the nipple and sending models down the runway in top-to-toe sheer outfits now don’t get me wrong this can be a really sexy look but it’s also a look that does require a little bit of effort to pull it together and make it look chic and modern and stylish I think sheer pieces can work really well in your wardrobe as layering pieces and sheer long sleeve tops can work well worn with a t-shirt or a dress over the top but for me I like those sheer pieces to be worn very much as layering pieces not a complete outfit and because this look can so easily go the wrong way that is why I’ve added it to my trends to avoid in 2019 anyway that’s it from me today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did I would love you to give it a thumbs up it means the world to me and please subscribe to my channel for more   

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