Top 2019 Fashion Trends!

what’s up guys Katie welcome back today I felt compelled to finally film my fashion trends video which usually is the first when I upload put every new year but I kind of put it off and then January slipped away from me mostly just because I feel like everyone’s still wearing the same shit but I’m not actually saying that’s a bad thing because the longer trends lost the more explores down a consumption which obviously is a huge plus but I don’t know I like to babble on about fashion so I thought it’d still be fun just to talk about some of the bigger overarching things I think will be key and just like a couple of smaller more specific points things that are in an app blah blah blah blah blah but let me know your best thoughts I feel like fashion trends in my opinion it’s not like a hard-and-fast

1-this is what’s hot like

you can wear whatever the hell you want and everyone is going to interpret the trends differently as well which is one of the main things I love about fashion so anyway let’s get in let’s get into it let’s move on let’s keep going I’m actually just gonna start out with those four key topics because they’re kind of more across the board I feel like they can fit in with a lot of different people’s style the first one is unisex dressing and I don’t necessarily want to say this is a trend per se I feel like this is more of a movement that’s really gonna start gaining more and more attention this year personally I heard that it just continues to build until one day we don’t have to have like the separate girls and boys section and people can finally feel free to dress whatever they want and not be judged for it but yeah I definitely encourage you guys know to look at clothing as gender specific if you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed that last year there was quite a big shift in my style where I really started embracing this more a lot of oversized clothing and things that you typically find in the men’s last section next is again one that started gaining traction last year some of you will be really happy to hear us that is just gonna get bigger others are probably really really disappointed that it didn’t die

 2-in 2018 but it is of course the early two-thousands

 in all its tacky glory clearly I’m on board I mean I love a good heckling moment for me it is very nostalgic because that early two-thousands was like my golden time Lizzie McGuire Bret Stiles Britney Spears I will admit however that I am praying that low-rise pants don’t come back in style because well they flat out a very very very small percentage of people and I am definitely not one of them so not on board with that at all like I mentioned I do really love the hair accessories also the sunglasses I think last year we were kind of taking more in smoke from that really like glitzy glamour Paris Hilton vibe whereas this year I think it’ll switch more to like the coyote I believe sort of aesthetic a little bit mini bags also here to continue dominating for sure I think the whole like brand logo mania will continue to an extent – personally I’m kind of over it though I mean the fashion queen Rihanna was just spotted in a pair of UGG boots so god knows

3-what 2019 has in store for us I’m also a trending

 topic I guess which really should be class more as a movement once again but it is sustainable fashion and there was a lot of talk surrounding this topic last year I think that will continue to grow this year and rightfully so it’s obviously a really really important issue to discuss I’m not going to talk about it in depth here I don’t really feel like it’s my place I’m obviously not perfect and I don’t think anyone is but as long as you’re kind of aware and making a conscious effort to improve on it I think that that’s what really counts I know for me and probably a lot of you guys as well buying ethically sourced and also like ethical fabrics are really really expensive so it can be kind of tricky but I think that there are different ways that we can kind of contribute as well obviously I’m a huge advocate for thrifting and secondhand shopping I think that should definitely be everyone’s first choice I always try and find something secondhand for us so whether you’re utilizing thrift stores deep pop cellars um Facebook marketplace I get a lot of cool stuff on that surprisingly so just always keep an eye out for markets car boot sales like garage sales anything also just being really mindful of your purchases is this something that you really truly love and you could see in your wardrobe for a long time to come that’s something that I really tried to change last year and it made a huge difference to my wardrobe I feel like now I never had that like oh I have nothing to wear because I honestly love everything and also with that I feel like we kind of have to change our mindset as well like there’s always been such a heavy emphasis that outfit repeating is a bad thing which totally just buys into that fast fashion consumerism so I think we need to start embracing a good outfit repeater this is my last one out of the overarching topic and again kind of more of a movement but it is self-expression I feel like social media kind of gets a bad rap and sometimes rightfully so let’s be completely honest but honestly I think it has done a lot to encourage people to express themselves through fashion which is something that a lot of us used to shy away from so I think that we’re just gonna continue seeing more people get on board with just trying out new things to the point where self-expression does become the trend that kind of stays it’s not gonna be a trend this is gonna be what everyone does people are kind of gonna drop off the trends a little bit maybe they’ll include them in that one unique way which I don’t know I just loved I feel like that’s what fashion is all about you know I feel like every year there’s a particular designer brand that kind of really oranged that yeah a couple of years ago it was Gucci last year I would say that it was prod of many Fendi as well when they bought back the pattern this year I think it is gonna be dual but specifically that menswear collection I feel like everyone is still buzzing over that so I think that’s definitely the sort of aesthetic that we can expect to see a lot more of as far as trends that we’ve already seen but I think we’ll continue to power on definitely suiting which I haven’t stirred to Val because I still a good place aw and I feel like at this point you can stall them with pretty much anything in terms wet pants even like anything guards personally I think that this year I’m gonna be styling mine belted I really really like that look utility and tech wear which have been massive for the past couple of seasons but again I think that they’re going to continue to go strong they have like a really big fan base that I think will continue just to adapt slightly few variations of the trends animal print which to be fair I don’t know if it ever truly goes out of style but it has been massive

*for at least the last half of 2018 and I think that’s going to continue on as well for me I am not over my snake print moment and also zebra print I think zebra is actually my favorite at the moment I think that kind of odd influence is going to continue on as well this actually came about a little while ago but it’s one of those trends that I think it’s just a little bit slower for people to get on board with bike shorts and neon or two things that are obviously very popular right now but I don’t know I feel like they’re gonna drop off fairly soon I just think that this sort of trends that people kind of grow tired of very quickly for some reason but hey clearly I’m still a big fan of lime-green and I do wear my bike shorts every day when I walk my dog another one that I’m not necessarily convinced is still on trend but I’m gonna keep rocking it is cowboy boots I finally bit the bullet and bought a white pair at the beginning of the year and then I also expected a little black pair as well so yes I would definitely continue to style them so whether it’s on trend or not guys if you like it just go for it and you’ll find your own way to own it though it’s also a little tie guy on the runway which I found kind of random but I’m sure there’s some sort of like significance and meaning behind it because the oiss is when it comes to fashion I feel like people often forget but the tie-dye one I I don’t know I was caught off guard I got really into it patchwork denim was another big one which I actually am on board with I have a thrift flip involving that really really soon I can like live at my Britney Spears and JT doubled unemployment but yeah those pretty much all the ones that came to mind for me let me know which ones you think will be the biggest this year though and also which ones you’re rocking and also any that you might want to see a look book or something revolving around but yeah hopefully you guys enjoy just the small kind of chitchat sort of fashion trend style and if you want to see more of course you can subscribe you can follow me we’ve got Instagram at steal the   

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