Top 10 American Snack Foods

this is the fuel that keeps America going between meals and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 American snack foods for this list we’re not considering specific brands but rather the most popular types of food to satisfy those midday cravings while Americans may turn to a lot of quick fixes throughout the day to ward off hunger such as gum breath mints a spoonful of peanut butter or even a cigarette these don’t really count as a proper snack and while other individuals go in the complete opposite direction with heavier snacks like pizza sandwiches or hamburgers these are clearly hobbit-like extra meals not snacks so we’re also excluding

 10- yogurt


you’re at the office and it’s mid-morning when your stomach starts to grumble the temptation might be to run to the vending machine and grab the first carb-heavy snack you can find but many health-conscious Americans head to the fridge instead opting for mood boosting b12 vitamins a probiotic kick to help digestion and a dose of calcium all packed into a single serving cup of yogurt whether plain mixed with fruit or flavored this creamy dairy product may not be as tempting as something with a crunch but it’s delicious and nutritious Marketing still has some work

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