Top 07 Classic Fashion Designers

is there something special you had in mind well we had considered diamonds and I don’t know offend you but the lady feels that diamonds are tacky for her John Galliano once said the joy of dressing is an art and these are the masters of the art welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 classic fashion designers the best things in life are free was not really true but the wind ‘red the Sun ah for this list we’re looking at classic designers from around the world that revolutionized the fashion industry and turned their companies into international labels so if you’re looking for more recent designers stay tuned for another list

number 01– Karl Lagerfeld no you read newspapers inscription future oh there’s no no it looks scary huh sometimes known as la Kaiser German designer Karl Lagerfeld is instantly recognizable for his own sense of style including his signature white hair black sunglasses and high starched collars legendary not only as a fashion guru the creative director of Chanel and his own personal label but also for his artistic collaborations and fashion photography I’m never is elated because I’m involved in so many things having designed for practically every major brand including diesel hmm and Chloe Lagerfeld still finds time to outfit the stars like Madonna and Kylie Minogue beloved and bemoaned Lagerfeld is also notorious in the industry for taking risks with his art his tendency towards sensationalism and other controversies Carl’s famous cat is iconic in her own right raking in three point two five million dollars last year

number 02 -eve-san aha 1999 I brought about the end of Cellarage ray over ready to wear when Gucci bought out the label the quote fashions fade style is eternal is often attributed to the Algeria born eve-san aha who reinvented fashion with his designs in the 60s he was most famously associated with creating the smoking which was a tuxedo suit for women that eventually paved the way for power suits later donned by authoritative women the house of Yves Salathe was also made legendary by his ready-to-wear fashion line since he was the first French cool t8 to launch one praised for his creative genius non-european influences and you of non-caucasian models each Sailaja is indeed eternal that chucks on with saint wrong got a kiss myself so pretty

 number 03– Gianni Versace it’s like I’m already living in the next century what about about I like to think of the future without forgetting the past Italian fashion sensation Gianni Versace was known for his creativity in fashion design like incorporating aluminum mesh and using neo cutter laser technology to combine leather with rubber his work accentuated sexiness and seduction and he was particularly famous for his siren dresses Jionni’s clientele ranged from those who loved taking advantage of a city’s nightlife to high-profile individuals like Princess Diana Madonna and Elton John with a brother died and the way died I can show the strength it’ll do it don’t worry though his sister Donatella later became the head of design following his death there would be no Versace without Gianni come when I start I always say be yourself he’s the only fashion you can wear it’s you that is there such a that’s was the philosophy I am from when I was very young

 number 04 -Gucci Gucci Florence born fashion designer Gucci Gucci established the first Gucci shop in 1921 and ultimately became renowned for mastering leather accessories most notably his legendary Gucci handbags upon his death in 1953 the house of Gucci came together when his sons stepped into their father’s shoes to expand the Gucci brand and open stores overseas today with product lines expanding into makeup fragrance jewelry watches and footwear Gucci is truly the gold standard for quality and class

 number 05– Giorgio Armani I draw the men’s collection with my left hand it’s like a Welcome ritual almost the way a pianist practices scales suits make the man and this man made suits as a young man Armani was interested in the human body and spent a few years studying medicine he soon became interested in the human body in a different way after getting a taste of the fashion world while serving in the military in Milan the rest as they say is history since Armani turned his focus to designing clothing his eye for lines and action to elegance eventually transferred to his now celebrated Armani suits from stitching sutures to tailoring form and function are all hallmarks of an Armani suit Giorgio Armani’s line is is I that he understands a character he understands the characters and therefore the costume or the dressing of the character really is the character thanks to his red carpet fashion stars like Martin Scorsese Cate Blanchett and Megan Fox have been found to wear Armani quite often with a fortune of over eight billion dollars Armani is definitely one of Italy’s most successful designers Janusz ear demi lovato Peskin commie cola-cola stay on oval mondo La Porte are El Mundo dentro la mia Australia the den Tonio piccolo epic re Alta

 number 06 Valentino gana Vani high five years later Valentino is still leading the way in glamour I know what two men work they want to be beautiful the Italian designer and fashion icon Valentino has been dubbed The Last Emperor because of the prestige and deep reverence he’s earned in his home country groomed to be interested in fashion by his aunt and another local designer Valentino began studying fashion academically from a young age today his fragrances extravagant evening garments and costume designs have been draped over celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor Audrey Hepburn Gwyneth Paltrow and Jackie Kennedy in addition to his many accolades Valentino was also awarded Lygia Aldana

number 07– Ralph Lauren I don’t think anybody since Walt Disney has been as successful in persuading millions and millions of people to buy into his statuses it’s been said that American fashion designer Ralph Lauren once stated I don’t design clothes I designed dreams indeed Lauren must sleep well every night as he’s accumulated a fortune of over eight billion dollars according to Forbes his trademark polo emblem seems to epitomize the lifestyle of those who’ve gone to universities like Yale Princeton and Harvard the emblem itself was introduced in the 1970s with Lauren’s line of women’s suits though it’s now stamped across all of Lauren’s products including the iconic short sleeve polo shirts lauren is forever timeless and traditional I had an integrity inside me about what I believed in I did it honestly and but I had a point of

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