The Best Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2019

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the trends to watch out for that experts say you’ll want to try. A glossy finish Lip gloss is finally making its return to the makeup scene in 2019.

 Don’t be afraid, though — the new styles should be vastly improved compared to the sticker kinds you may remember. with new lip glosses that won’t glue stray hairs to your mouth every time the wind blows. Makeup artist Margina Dennis also predicts the spread of non-sticky gloss throughout 2019. The expert expects new treatment glosses to feature hydrating ingredients like plum oil and hyaluronic acid, as well as glosses with a gel texture that last longer on your lips. For anyone who’s ready to give up moisture-sapping matte lipsticks in favor of something that holds water, this trend should come as a refreshing change of pace.

1-The “no makeup” look Not everyone enjoys spending

 tons of time applying their makeup every day. “Depends on what kinda of day you’re having. And how much in a rush, you really are.” For those who like to keep things simple, 2019 should be a treat. Jessica Kendall, the founder of Beauty Asylum Hair and Makeup, says that she expects the Instead of chiseling out those cheekbones and defining your jawline with powder, the natural trend focuses on a light airy look that is both refreshing and feminine. There’s also the emerging Korean trend of glassy skin, which beauty blogger Joan Kim has described as looking clear, poreless, and dewy. Contouring was fun for a while, but it’s time to embrace something new — preferably something that requires fewer brushes and a lot less time. Glitter everywhere Celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin told us that glitter will be getting all over the place in 2019, from more subtle metallics, to what she calls outright chunks of glitter. Her prediction is off to a good start — in January, Glamour included a number of glittery products in a list of the best new makeup on the market, which included glitter-based eyeshadows and highlighter. Celebrity makeup artist Carola Gonzalez told Refinery29 that you can expect glitter to turn up all over the place. used as an eyeliner, or on its own all over the eyelid — there are so many options and so much you can do.” Bushy brows If you never mastered the heavily structured brows that were popular over the last few years, you’re in luck. is quickly on the way out. What’s taking its place is the polar opposite — bushy natural brows. As the expert explained to us, “Clear brow gels and even soap for brows have taken the beauty industry by storm for this year, and the messier the better. for 2019!” If you’re curious to try soaping up your own brows, all you need is a bar of something glycerin -based — nothing fancy necessary. Makeup artist Joanna Simkin says, “No brow gel works as well as the soap to hold the brows up.

2-Soap brows will last you all day, guaranteed.”

Geometric visions Not every 2019 look will be about going natural and keeping things simple. If you want to make a major statement, cinematic makeup artist Ulla Gaudin knows just the trend you’ll want to try. She predicts the rise of one-color eyeshadow blocks, used in tandem with colorful eyeliner for a trend that’s been dubbed “geometric eye makeup.” Add some glitter to the mix, and you’ll have a look that makes a real impression. While you might expect something so bold to be paired with equally dramatic long lashes, experts say that would only detract from the fun shapes and lines you’ve worked so hard to create. As Gaudin explained it, big lashes will be going away in favor of more natural lashes and smaller extensions. A bold statement lip A standout bit of lip color, paired with minimal natural makeup, can totally revamp your everyday look without too much effort. Although a deep red shade may come to mind when you think of a statement lip shade, 2019 is expected to bring brighter colors out to play. Makeup artist Natalie Kate predicts that colors ranging from bold corals, summer peaches, to even neon pinks are going to dominate the year. While you may have already experimented with some of these fun colors, pairing them with the “no makeup” or glassy skin look could lead to fun and unexpected combinations. Plus, the expert reminds us, it’s not a trend that requires a ton of effort, which can feel encouraging. The easier the look is, the more likely we are to give it a go. Bright eyes If you’re not on board with the bold lip trend, there are other ways to inject some color into your life. Although she admitted that she doesn’t see this trend sticking around forever, she calls it one that everyone will want to try at least once. Brightly colored mascaras come in many hues, but you’ll want to choose carefully. these shades definitely know how to bring out the red in your eyes.” So don’t go into this trend blindly. advises sticking to cool tones. If you don’t feel like taking a risk on colorful mascara, you can also try more vibrant options in eyeliner and eyeshadow. As celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin told us, “We haven’t seen this much creativity with liner since the ’60s.” The makeup artist also expects bright-colored, jewel-toned, and even neon eyeshadows to be trendy throughout the year. Of course, you don’t have to try them all at once. A simple wash of color across the lid will do just fine, she says.   

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