10 People That Look Exactly Like Cartoons

Patrick wait I thought of something funnier than 25 maybe hear it 25 last we checked you lived in a pineapple under the sea spongebob you probably the last cartoon character we would ever expect to see a doppelganger for after all your yellow and rectangular but sometimes strange things happen yes spongebob we’ve even found your real life look-alike and we have to say the resemblance is pretty uncanny cartoons aren’t always realistic but every now and then we find someone who looks like a favorite character he’s watching for 10 cartoon characters that were spotted in real life Dora the Explorer you don’t need your special backpack or a magical map to find Dora the Explorer Dora is a beloved character from our preschool days who doesn’t love the girl who taught us Spanish through adventures but we never expected to see her in real life since Bo toe was snapped on public transit this little girl is just so cute with her Dora haircut she is even wearing a pink top like our favorite Explorer do you think she has a purple backpack

10-the frozen sisters


— this next look-alike is a perfect mix between both Elsa and honest look at this woman she spotted an Elsa cutout and posed with that signature smirk not only are their faces similar but she’s also wearing the same color eyeshadow and blush as Elsa but she is in a platinum blonde that red hair makes her look a lot like onna – maybe she’s a long-lost sister of the arendelle royalty

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